Psalm Ensemble

Psalm Ensemble

Conductor: Sis. Vera Pepito-Acosta

The Psalm Ensemble started when several senior members of the Youth Choir led by Vera Pepito-Acosta, its conductor since its inception, organized a smaller group to sing a cappella songs. It was first called the Young Adults Chorale when it sang several anthems from the Christmas album entitled “An Evening in December” during one vesper service.

            When it was invited to be one of the guests at the July 1997 concert of Rhoda Isidro-Pepito at the PCI Bank Theater, the group decided to formally adopt the name Psalm Ensemble. Since then, it has shared its music with various churches in Cavite, Manila, Baguio, Bulacan, Ilocos Norte, Dumaguete and Pampanga. It has also held major concerts at Ellinwood’s main sanctuary in 2000 and at the Philam Life Theater in 2011.

In 1998, the Psalm Ensemble recorded its first album called “Of Psalms and Love”, which was used to raise additional funds for the construction of the Music Center. This was followed in 2003 with the release of “The Christmas Album”. The Psalm Ensemble was also part of the choral compilations “Divine Symphony” which featured school-based choirs, and “UCCP Voices” – a fundraising project of the UCCP South Luzon Jurisdiction Christian Women’s Association.

Through all these activities, the Psalm Ensemble prays that the Lord Almighty will continue to be glorified, who is the Giver of their talents and the Reason why they sing.

As needed for services and celebrations

As needed for services and celebrations

Sis. Vera Pepito-Acosta

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