Rainbow Choir

Rainbow Choir

Conductor: Mrs. Jochebed Perocho-Garcia

The Rainbow Choir, Ellinwood Malate Church’s chorale group for children, started as a project of the SS Hessel schooners’ club. Ellinwood’s former children’s choir, the Cherubim Choir, had long been inactive, and the SS Hessel members wanted their children to have an avenue for serving God through music. The Rainbow Choir was then organized for kids aged 12 and below. Soon, children from other schooners clubs joined, and the Rainbow Choir started regularly rendering the offertory anthem every fifth Sunday of the month.

The Rainbow Choir has sung at a series of Christmas shows at the Manila Hotel and the New World Renaissance Hotel; presented their own musical entitled “Psalty’s Christmas Calamity”; and been featured at the Christmas special of Sharon Cuneta in 2006 in her show on ABS-CBN, where the kids sang with Sharon herself.

The Rainbow Choir has been handled by Dr. Nelita “Baby” Reyes, Sam Ezrael Malaki, Vera Pepito-Acosta, Annie May Espina and Ellen Morada. The choir is presently directed by Jochebed Perocho-Garcia.

The church envisions that more children will become part of the Rainbow Choir, and in so doing, be encouraged to continue serving God in the music ministry when they grow older.

As needed for services and celebrations

As needed for services and celebrations

Mrs. Jochebed Garcia