20 September 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

5th Sunday in Kingdomtide
Children’s Sunday

God’s Response To Our Pleas
Exodus 16:2-15
Matthew 20:1-16

I heard a preacher once say that if we are unwilling to pray, “Thy will be done”, then God will say to us, “OK. Let your will be done!” Now see the result. Our ways often fail. On the other hand, God’s plan never fails. See?

The problem, of course, is our will cannot begin to compare to God’s plans for us. Therefore, we want to make sure we do not do things that will cause us to miss out on God’s best. The Bible tells us that constant complaining is one surefire way to miss out on God’s best.

don’t and will not say, do not complain. But be sure that if we complain, expect God’s response to our complaining to always be for our good. Be it favorable or not favorable for us. Are you ready for God’s response? Live life, love life… God is not finish with us yet.


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