25 November 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide


Jesus’ story about the separation of goats and sheep could be disturbing to many. He used the imagery of the sheep and goats to differentiate the good from the bad. As we know, both the sheep and the goats are small livestock animals and the first animals human domesticated. Sheep and goats are closely related, both are in the same subfamily called Caprinae.In dry lands where green pasture was scarce, goats and sheep often grazed together during the day. At night, they were being separated, as goats needed shelter while sheep sleep in a place where they are comfortable and feel safe. More differences in their characters are present. Sheep follow the voice of their shepherd, goats don’t follow anyone. Sheep trust their shepherd to lead them to food, water and shelter while a herd of goats go where it wants and the goatherd follows behind. Goats are less docile and more restless than sheep. Some books of other genres connect the characters of goats to wickedness where the expression of “scape-goat” that means someone bearing blame for others, come from.