11 April 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Moving on as Witnesses”

2nd Sunday in Eastertide

Psalm 133;
1 John 1:1-10, 2:2

Christianity is not a philosophy, a useful way of looking at the world that will get us through. It is not a system of rituals, following a set of sacred acts to manipulate God’s favor. It is not essentially a system of morality —”doing this and not doing that” — in order to win the prize of heaven. Christianity is simply knowing the truth about God, what He has done, what He is doing, and also knowing the truth about humanity.

It is important that Christians should recognize that God is light, and should walk in the light. Let me clear this, we walk in the light not to show how we live perfectly, while others do not. But, we walk in the light with the willingness to be open and honest about our deeds and life before God. In 1 John 1:5-7 it says, “God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all”. If we claim to have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son, purifies us from all sin. The Bible Encyclopedia has these comments and I qoute: “The first fact upon which the light of God impinges in human life is sin; and the first test walking in the light is the recognition and confession of the said fact. Such confession is the first step into the fellowship with God, because it bring us under the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.” It is simply saying that, we can never be cleansed if we will deny that there is sin that we should confess to God; and there is sin that we should honestly declare before God. We have to remember this truth: the claim of sinlessness is not only self-deception, it is also blasphemy.



7 April 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Answer me when I pray,

O God, my defender!

When I was in trouble, you helped me.

Be kind to me now and hear my prayer.

How long will you people insult me?

How long will you love what is worthless

and go after what is false?

Remember that the Lord has chosen the righteous for his own,

and he hears me when I call to him.

Tremble with fear and stop sinning;

think deeply about this,

when you lie in silence on your beds.

Offer the right sacrifices to the Lord,

and put your trust in him.

There are many who pray:

“Give us more blessings, O Lord.

Look on us with kindness!”

But the joy that you have given me

is more than they will ever have

with all their grain and wine.

When I lie down, I go to sleep in peace;

you alone, O Lord, keep me perfectly safe

Psalm 4


04 April 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“The Testimony of Witnesses of Jesus’ Resurrection”

Resurrection Sunday

John 20:1-20

The incredible event is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The word resurrection means “rising again to life”. It is truly an incredible event for never before had anyone risen from the grave after they were buried. It has never happened before. Incredible. Unbelievable.

Although Jesus told the disciples on several occasions that he will die and on the third day will rise again, succeeding events would show that they found this incredible beyond belief. In the present day lingo some may have even said, “weh” or “joke only”

But His Resurrection is no joke.

The great gospel truth upon which our faith is anchored has three pillars.
One, that Jesus was crucified.
Two, that Jesus was buried and
Three, that Jesus rose again.

The first two pillars of our faith are well documented (John 19:17-42). The third pillar however appeared to be enveloped in confusion, misconception as well as bewilderment especially among those who saw the empty tomb the day after the crucifixion.

Let us examine the reactions and interactions of these witnesses with the risen Christ on that fateful day.



31 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Christ is the “centerpiece” of the human race.

God does not have favorites, but He does have intimates who walk and talk with Him.

T.T. Crabtree

Sin is, has been and ever shall be the parent if misery.

Every sin has three parts

– temptation

– hesitation

– participation

T.T. Crabtree

Trust God for too much rather than for the little.

Do you really pray or just worry on your knees.

T.T. Crabtree

Through the church Christ acts, and without the Church HE cannot act.

Mission is not a sideline. It is the lifeline of the church.

T.T. Crabtree


28 March 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Where Is Jesus Victorious In Your Life?”

6th Sunday in Lent

Psalm 118:19-29
Mark 11:1-11

At the beginning of this new week, the news is as grim as ever. I know you have been watching the spread of COVID-19 and the pandemic that has swept our world into action. You have adjusted your lives but it’s harder to adjust your habits. You have made decisions about how careful you will be to avoid contact. You have wondered about when this might be over, or what things will look like when it is over. We are facing a crisis, and it has not yet come to its full effect. In your own understanding foresight – are we winning the battle or are we on the losing end?



24 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

I look to the mountains; where will my help come from?

My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

The Lord will protect you from. all danger; He will keep you safe.

He will protect you as you come and go now and forever.

Psalm 121:1-2; 7-8

Whoever goes to the Lord for safety, whoever remains under the protection of

the Almighty, can say to Him “You are my defender and protector. You are my

God; in You I trust.” He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and from all

deadly diseases. God says, “I will save those who love me and will protect those

who acknowledge me as Lord. When they call to me, I will answer them; I will

rescue them and honor them.”

Psalm 91:1-4; 14-15

Let us hold on firmly to the hope we profess, because we can

trust God to keep His promise.

Hebrews 10:23



21 March 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Anyone Who Wants to Come”

5th Sunday in Lent

Jeremiah 31:31-34
John 12:20-33

Jesus taught that selfishness destroys us. How? Selfish people are combative because they always want things their way, so they lose relationships. Selfish people kill their own joy by complaining. Selfish people have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others, so people don’t want to be around them. Selfish people cannot take criticism, but they constantly criticize others, so because of the negative atmosphere people walk away. Selfish people make love conditional upon serving their needs and so hurt others. Selfish people lie and manipulate, so they cannot be trusted. Selfish people do not consider how others feel, and so drive friends and family members away.

When Jesus demonstrated His love to all, He did it in a very profound way that getting the true meaning of His love may mean to really get to know Him, to trust whatever He says and exactly follow what He exemplifies, in good times and in times when no one wants to accompany and be with Him, yet still he showed His selflessness.

That is how He really loves us. He left us a mark, a print that whenever we see that mark, may we be reminded of His selflessness and may it challenge us to follow His way – the way of the cross may be painful and hard but knowing that Jesus went through with it, we are assured that the end is not death, it is life to its fullest.



17 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide


1 Samuel 1:1-28, 2:1-2

When my siblings and I were young, whenever we kiss our Mama goodbye right before we leave for school and even for work back when we were still living with her, she will always remind us to pray. It was literally a daily reminder. Even today, in our family’s Viber and Messenger groups, when we have challenges or good news, she will direct it to prayer – “Let’s pray for this and that…”, “Praise God for this and that…”. Her attitude on prayer resonated on me all throughout my life. And it has been an essential aspect of my faith journey from Day 1. God made me experience spiritual milestones through prayer and they always left me in awe of His ways.

This meditation talks about the power of prayer through an account of a woman named Hannah. As a background, she was one of the two wives of Elkanah. The other woman was named Peninnah. While Peninnah had children, Hannah had none. Through her story, we will delve on the 5 P’s that constitute the power of prayer: (1) perseverance in prayer, (2) pouring our heart to God, (3) peace in God’s presence, (4) promise fulfilled, and (5) praise in advance and in response.



14 March 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Anyone Who Wants to Come”

4th Sunday in Lent

Numbers 21:2-9
John 3:14-21

In today’s focal passages, in Numbers 21:2-9, the incident occurred on a high way called the Way of the Red Sea. This was during a time of great discouragement. In the previous chapter we read a lot of discouraging moments and events in their journey as God’s people. Miriam and Aaron died as recorded in Numbers 20:1,22-29. Moses disobeyed God by striking a rock twice (Numbers 20:2-13). The said gesture of Moses disqualified him to reach the Promised Land. Edom had denied the Israelites access to the King’s Highway, direct the route to Canaan, a short cut way to the Promised Land, (Numbers 20:14-21). The said denial forced them to travel through a desolate wilderness. And in Chapter 21, verses 1-3, a fierce campaign had been fought against a tribe of Canaanites.

In the midst of hardships that they experienced, the Israelites broke down morally and spiritually. They continued to voice out their complaint against God and Moses. In verse 5 of chapter 21, the people realized that they were about to die then and there. The Lord in verse 6, sent poisonous snakes, and many were bitten and died. Then in verse 7, the people began to acknowledge their sins and cried out for mercy and deliverance. They asked Moses to pray to the Lord to take the snakes away. In verse 8, the Lord told Moses to fashion a fiery serpent on a pole, which would provide a means of healing. Moses who was also a skilled craftsman quickly designed the emblem. A bronze serpent was cast which would have given off a fiery appearance in the sunlight, making a high visible standard for the people to see and be healed.

We may ask: why did God command Moses to make a bronze serpent which can be considered as a graven image? Isn’t it that Aaron, the brother of Moses disobeyed God by making a golden calf? And why an image of a serpent which is known to be poisonous and a fiery creature? We have to bear in mind that it was God Who instructed Moses to make a bronze snake. God provided a substitute snake, one without poison. He took what was deadly and turned it into a source of life for all who would trust in His way to save the sinners.



10 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Perseverance in and Prayer, Stand Firm For Justice

Numbers 27:1-11; Luke 18:1-8

In these times of crises, God will definitely see/get us through. He will bridge all the gaps. He will heal us. He has answers to our prayers. We just remain in Him. Remember, we are saved by grace through faith. Make our lives a stirring testament to God’s sustaining grace.