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Crusaders Choir

Crusaders Choir

3:00PM Tagalog Service, Main Sanctuary

Conductor: Mr. Pio Vizcarra

This choir is considered as the oldest choir in Ellinwood Malate Church, faithfully serving as music ministers of the Tagalog Congregation for the past 85 years or more. Prior to 1938, it was an all-female group with only 5 members, Hisberga Camacho, Josefina and Noemi Phodaca, Genes Legaspi and Victoria Del Rosario with Loleng Paredes as its Director. Among its other past conductors are Mr. Pedro Dizon, Mrs. Maria Banaag, Mr. Benedicto Cerdena, Ms. Remy Paulino, Ms. Genoveva Camacho, Mrs. Mutya Solis, Mrs. Rose Oliveros Cerdena, Pastor Luther Garcia and Mr. Jet Laurente.    The Crusaders Choir currently sings during the 3:00 P.M. Tagalog Worship Service with about 30 members aged 18 and above.  Mr. Pio Vizcarra presently serves as conductor with Mr. Joshua Agarrado as accompanist. This choir also serves in various outreach activities of the church and promises to joyfully sing its highest praise for the King of Kings!


Sundays: 3:00PM, Old Sanctuary (Tagalog)

Mr. Pio Vizcarra