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Ellinwood Chamber Orchestra

Ellinwood Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Bro. George Supetran

The Ellinwood Chamber Orchestra (EChO), the instrumental ensemble of Ellinwood Malate Church, had its humble beginnings in early 2015 with the holding of weekly informal violin lessons for elementary, high school and college students, and a handful of adults. The core of the initial recruits came from the members of the SS Dames family schooner fellowship, which also helped fund the fledging group as its labor of love.

In June 2015, it had its first recital for violin and later added viola, cello and contrabass. Three recitals have been subsequently held to continue sharpening their skills.

The EChO was formally recognized by the EMC last July 2016, and regularly performs in worship services and special occasions. EChO has held two post-Christmas music camps in 2015 (Talisay, Batangas) and 2016 (Baguio City) to provide intensive training to its members. As part of its outreach, the group rendered music at nearby UCCP churches and youth Christmas camps during this time.

The group occasionally gets invited to national Church events, LCSMC gatherings and special events within the UCCP community. Recently, the EChO provided the accompaniment for the drama-musical production “Missing” of the ACTS 29 Theater Ministry with some of the original music penned and orchestrated by its conductor George Bernard Supetran.

The young musical ensemble regularly performs at EMC services to enhance the community of faith’s worship experience and sharpen its musicality in giving back the glory and praise to God Almighty, the Audience of One.


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Bro. George Supetran
Ms. Shea Naranjo

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