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Vesper Choir

Vesper Choir

5:00PM Vesper Service, Main Sanctuary

Conductor: Mr. Israel Commandante ; Pianist: Ms. Emma Linda Madrazo-Chavez

The Vesper Choir is the worship team of the UCCP Ellinwood-Malate Church (EMC) during their 5PM Vesper Service. Composed of professionals and volunteers from various backgrounds, this group shares their passion through music to minister God’s message and love. The Vesper Choir is one of the worship teams showcasing EMC’s culture of bringing together people through heart-touching music.

Pastor Ben then asked the Order of Joy Fellowship (Tagalog Christian Youth Fellowship) to be the regular choir for that service. Thus, the Vesper Choir was born and has regularly sung at the 5:00 P.M. worship service. Since its formal conception in 1985, the Vesper Choir has also presented Christmas Musicals, conducted visitations with performances at other churches in the conference, regularly assisted necrological services, and has actively participated in joint concerts in celebrating Ellinwood’s  anniversary celebrations. The UCCP-EMC Vesper worship service in the 70’s and early 80’s has no permanent assigned choir. The choirs from the different worship services took turns in singing in the vesper worship service every first Sunday of the month or communion Sunday. In other Sundays, the Anthem and Offertory were rendered by invited guest musicians and instrumentalists.

In 1984, members of the Order of Joy (OJ) Fellowship (Tagalog CYF) were encouraged by the late Rev. Benjamin Dela Peña of the Tagalog Service to form a singing group with Bro. Israel Bombasi as their conductor and concurrent accompanist. Initially the OJ singing group was assigned only during the first Sunday of the month (communion Sunday) to relieve other choirs from their Vesper Service assignments. Aside from singing in the Vesper, the OJ singing group was also requested to sing in the necrological services, visitations and in other local church events.

After a year of singing once a month in the Vesper service, Rev. Dela Peña proposed to the UCCP-EMC church council to have the OJ singing group as the choir permanently assigned in the Vesper service. The Church Council approved the said proposal and the faith journey of the new choir named the Vesper Choir of UCCP-EMC began in 1985. The following were the conductors who served the Lord through the Vesper choir—Israel Bombasi, Ricardo Mazo, Prof. Deborah Reyes, Samuel Guererro, Jim Rey Baloloy, Joy Nilo and Israel Comandante, the current conductor.


Sundays: 5:00PM, Main Sanctuary (English)

Mr. Israel Commandante
Mr. Gideon Baguio

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