27 May 2020 – Circular Letter from the Ministerial Team

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27 May 2020 – Circular Letter from the Ministerial Team

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Our country continues to struggle with cases of COVID-19. Regardless of the mode of Community Quarantine, either Enhanced, Modified or General, the EMC Ministerial Team would like to stress that your RIGHT to worship freely is not being challenged.

It is the church’s response to Jesus’ great commandment to “love one another” that is being challenged.

We read in John 13:34-35:

“And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have love you, so you must love one another. vIf you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are My disciples.”

John 13:34-35:

The sanctuary of our church has been closed since the community quarantine began. The CHURCH, the community of faith, has NEVER been closed.

We believe that worship is ESSENTIAL. We however also recognize the potential harm that gathering in the sanctuary will cause to parishioners and the communities that our parishioners return to.

It is in this regard that we recommend for ALL to stay at home. Worship WILL CONTINUE as you gather your household and as we strive to ‘gather’ virtually.

The Ministerial Team will monitor the advice of our government agencies and inform Ellinwooders when we may gather again in our sanctuary. One thing the MinTeam will NOT do is to rush back and satisfy our eagerness to congregate.

Let “love and compassion” for one another be our testimony so that everyone will know that we are Jesus’ disciples.

God bless,

Ministerial Team

Ellinwood-Malate Church