3 June 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

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3 June 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

“Ghost Stories”

Acts 2:37-47

Through the centuries, one of the most exciting and intriguing, but scary to topics to talk about is about ghosts or what many people consider as restless spirits of the dead. Filipinos, in particular, have been talking about ghosts since time immemorial, and have been immortalized in novels, komiks, movies, TV series, and on the Internet. It only goes to show that ghost stories are part of the people’s way of life.

In the year 33 AD, there was a historic and earth-shaking ghost story worth retelling which took place, and led to a series of events that would “turn the world upside down”, as the Bible described. It was not the typical restless spirit which we get to hear, but a very special ghost—the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, which descended upon the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who ascended into heaven the week before.