14 June 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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14 June 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

Freedom Sunday

“True to his promise”
GENESIS 18:1-15
romans 5:1-8

Today, we cannot deny the fact that the vast complications of this world befuddle us. There is war, sickness, hunger and violence all over the world, calamities come one after the other, disunity at home, in the church, government and community are so evident. And now the whole world is confronted with the fatal and unseen enemy, the Covid 19 which attacks not only the physical and the economic life of the people but also the mental and the spiritual life too. Many find it so hard to manage it well, some just resorted on either deny it or find some way to deal it by their own. But again it affects the whole totality of a person.

Thanks be to God for there is abundance of His love and grace. We have a living hope, our Lord Jesus Christ who makes it possible for us to endure any hardships and trials and we have the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to a right path. Thanks be to God for He has given us the purpose for our existence, a reason to go on even thou there would be tough times in life. Living through it we become sanctified, set apart for His glory. We gain new perspective, we grow deeper, we grow up until the character of Christ is seen in us.


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