2 August 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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2 August 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

9th Sunday After Pentecost
Communion Sunday

“True Blessedness”
Genesis 32:22-31
Romans 9:1-5

More often, we too are like the Jewish people. We tend to always do things in our own way. When things get good results and we are successful, we tend to say or maybe sing “Yes, I did it my way..”. But if situations are not in our favor, when things always turn against us, we tend to always turn our pointing finger to others, to the situation and even to God.

We certainly frustrate God when we are careless with His blessings and end up squandering them. But it’s also frustrating to God when we care less about blessing others.

Since there is no substitute for God’s grace in Jesus don’t be careless or care less when it comes to matters of salvation. Without Christ, all are lost. To be cut off from Him is like being cut off from your air supply while scuba diving alone in a deep sea. There is no chance of rescue. There is no chance of life. Therefore, may God make us zealous in cherishing His Word and sharing it so that not a soul, neither ours nor another’s, be lost.


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