30 August 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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30 August 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

2nd Sunday in Kingdomtide

An Invitation To Service
Exodus 3:1–15
Matthew 16:21-28

RSVP in the context of our faith means Responding to the Savior’s (call) with Vision and Passion and this is the appropriate response to the invitation of God in Jesus Christ which will be to our big regret if we turn our head away from it and ignore the call. Why would it be regretful? Because will miss out on the overflowing grace and the abundant mercy God has in store for us – the grace of being changed into Jesus’ likeness after tasting the mercy of God’s forgiveness and restoration. Mission is a means towards personal transformation, a change of heart in each of us that spreads like wildfire to others resulting to a one community of faith being changed from glory unto glory in the course of serving the Savior, the King of kings.


30 AUGUST 2020- Ellinwood Online Worship Schedule