27 September 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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27 September 2020 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

6th Sunday in Kingdomtide
Christian Education and Nurture Sunday
Fellowship of the Least Coin

The Challenges We Face On Account Of Following Jesus
Exodus 17:1-7
Matthew 21:23-32

Our lectionary theme for the past few Sundays have walked us through the Old Testament account of the Israelites’ journey from the land of slavery to the land of promise. What is exciting is how the Almighty God revealed His love, patience and faithful provisions to His chosen people; despite their stubbornness, ingratitude, complaining and arguing attitude. God has saved the Israelites many times already.

Now, they accuse Moses of bringing them out of Egypt to kill them. Maybe, there was doubt in the leadership of Moses, who was just being used by God. God has always shown His power and saving miracle, but when trying moments come, and the people are hurting, they lose faith that God would rescue them again.

Today, we are called upon to reflect on these Biblical accounts… For we as Christians, will always be at the forefront of events and circumstances where we will be challenged, tested, quarrelled just like what Moses and Jesus Himself experienced. For Moses, the very people whom God chose to save, forgive, love over and over, yet gave Him the heartache and trouble when they questioned God’s power and wisdom, drew closer to God in prayer and sought God’s wisdom and direction.


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