07 October 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

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07 October 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Church Anniversaries: A Time of Thanksgiving and Strengthening
Psalm 92

Anniversaries are moments of reflection but sometimes with too much activities packed in a day-long program, the act of reflection is hurried and therefore becomes shallow. Anniversaries are meant to bring us into a mode of thanksgiving and praise to the One who brought us to where we are now. The act of thanking and praising God need not be loud and active which is the most utilized of all manners but even in quietness and prayer.

Our 113th Founding Anniversary this year as EMC Family will be a different one because for the first time in several decades, we are confined in each of our own homes due to the global pandemic. Who would have thought that we would be in this silent mode away from the actual church site, no physical gathering in the beautiful 60-some year-old sanctuary? No crowd of people queuing for lunch packs and later on gather in anticipation of presentations during the afternoon program, but actually it’s the major raffle prize being longed for. Sadly, our church anniversary celebration for some have been associated with raffle and door prizes. Some say, it’s to add to the fun and keep people from going home early and not finish the fellowship.