14 October 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

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14 October 2020 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Daniel 3:8-18

If I will ask, “how are you?” What will be your response? How have we been during this pandemic? Are we able to cope with the quarantine guidelines? Are we following the restrictions? Have we started to do something new, like an online business, or a new skill like baking, cooking or gardening? For the senior citizens present tonight, and those below 21 or those required to stay in their residences, how are you feeling? Perhaps you feel so confined already and you are ready to bolt out of your homes and just explore. Some of us may be lonely. Some may be afraid of all the uncertainties. Others feel trapped and burdened. Or, we may all just be trying to stay alive.

Every Wednesday night, we come together to pray. We sing and share our concerns and causes of thanksgiving with each other, and pray together. There are moments when we share news of great joy to our brothers and sisters in Christ — miraculous healing, an unexpected gift, deliverance from debt, safety from a calamity. But there are also times when life seems to deal us a tremendous blow, not just once, twice, but many times. How then do we respond?