17 January 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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17 January 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“The One Who Knows Us Completely”

2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Psalm 139: 1-6;13-18
John 1:43-51

Do you know that in God’s dictionary, you will never find the word “coincidence?” God does not believe in “nagkataon lang..” or “swerte lang” and even “sorry, malas lang…” We know for a fact that everything that happens, happen for and with a purpose. So brothers and sisters, consider it a privilege to be here today, either you are in the zoom room or in the FB live page or you may be just replaying this later. God surely made a way for you to be here today, to worship Him, to participate in this worship time. You do not just open your gadget just to watch the worship as if watching a television show. God called you to be in today’s worship service. Now, knowing all these things, how do you feel about this?

“How does it make you feel when you are told that God knows you so well that even the hairs on your head are numbered?” He knows about the bald spots too – and oh, the freckles, the wrinkles, the warts, whatever. Nothing is hidden from our Maker, Our Creator God!


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