17 February 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

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17 February 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

Ash Wednesday

“Recognizing Our Life’s Fleetingness”

Joel 2:12-18

How does it feel taking a handful of soil? Yucks, right? We abhor dirt and look at the ground as full of microbes, germs and parasites. Added to this is its blackness. And so we wear slippers or shoes when walking, put on gloves when handling dirt. And pour concrete on pavement so as not to step on the soil that is seen as dirt. Such imagery depicts humanity but just stuck on the filthiness of the ground without seeing the life in it, from which God formed humankind. We hated the dirt but God loved it, held it in His hands, formed humans and breathed life into it, stamping His divine image on it.

Ashes represent this soil, the substance of our humanity that is good, but because of our willfulness, it was cursed, yet the story did not end there for God Himself redeemed it through His Son Jesus Christ and made humans realize that no matter how filthy we are, He loves us and desires us to be with Him eternally.