3 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

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3 March 2021 – Midweek Prayer Meeting Guide

General Day of Prayer

Psalm 19, John 2:13-22

God is indeed glorious to be worshipped and praised as revealed through His creation. In Psalm 19, verses 1 to 4, it is explicitly stated and I quote “How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory! How plainly it shows what He has done! Each day announces it to the following day, each night repeats it to the next. No speech or words are used, no sound is heard yet their voice goes out to all the world and is heard to the end of the earth.”

God, because of His love, even provided us with statute and laws that will guide us to walk in the path that He prepared for us. His law is perfect and not debatable. Perfect to be followed and obeyed. Let me read Psalm 19 verses 7 to 8 and I quote: “The law of the Lord is perfect, it gives new strength, The commands of the Lord are trustworthy, giving wisdom to those who lack it. The laws of the Lord are right, and those that obey them are happy, the commandsof the Lord are just and give understanding to the mind.” By internalizing and keeping the law of God, we become closer and nearer to Him. We become confident and assured that if we are with Him, nothing wrong can happen to us. Everything will work together for good.