25 April 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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25 April 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Love for Neighbor”

4th Sunday in Eastertide

Psalm 23;
1 John 3:16-24

Nowadays, establishing a Community Pantry has sprouted in various places in our country. This caring project has become a way of helping people in need in this time of global pandemic. The purpose and objective of this noble initiative of the people in the community is to help the people in their need to have food for the day. In fact, they have this reminder posted in the area, to get just enough goodies for the day. But sadly, there are people who abuse the kindness of their neighbors. They get too much, as if they are the only ones in need and they just care for themselves.

Strictly speaking, our material possessions do not really belong to us. They belong to God and we have to use it for His purpose. The value of the material things does not rest in the fact that we are keeping them, but on our using them toward the real treasure that shall last forever. The paradox of the kingdom is that, what we possess is not our real treasure, but what we share or what we give away. There are things, for example, that we just waste simply because we keep them. Mga pagkaing de lata na nag- expire na sana ay napakinabangan ng iba. Our closets may be full of clothes that we don’t use anymore. Naaalala lang natin na magbawas ng mga damit na hindi ginagamit kapag bumagyo at magkasunog para magbahagi ng biyaya sa mga biktima. Remember that, whatever things we possess loose their value by just stacking them. It will just only feed our greed and selfishness. What we need is an active love. When we have the world’s goods, we can share a portion of it to give away to help others. Those “others” may be our nearest neighbors, our fellow brothers and sisters right in our congregation, or we can extend our help to a community that really lives in hunger and poverty. We, as individual Christians and as a church should respond with works of love and compassion like what Jesus Christ did. There is always an opportunity to put love into action in all sorts of situations. Sometimes opportunities for love may not always be about material things or money. It may be a call for us to listen to a wounded heart, or show patience to a stubborn child, or thoughtfulness to a person who feels unloved. It may also be a phone call to know how somebody is doing, especially in this time of pandemic. Well, all of these are just reminders for us to think and look for opportunities to put love into concrete, timely actions.