23 May 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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23 May 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

““Filled and Empowered by the Holy Spirit”

Pentecost Sunday
73rd UCCP Founding Anniversary

Ezekiel 37:1-14
Acts 2:1-21

There was a man who owned a ten-hectare piece of land. This man wasn’t able to make enough on his farm land operation to pay the principal and interest on the mortgage, so he was in danger of losing his property. With little money for clothes or food, his family was barely able to survive. Day after day, as he grazed his few cattle over those rolling places, the valleys, the plains and the hills, he was, no doubt, greatly troubled about how he would pay the bills.

Then a seismographic crew from an oil company came into the area and informed him they are seeking lands with oil beneath it. And there might be oil on his land. They asked permission to drill a wildcat well, and he signed a lease contract. At 1,115 feet they struck a huge oil reserve. The first well came in at 80,000 barrels a day. Many subsequent wells were more than twice as large.

In fact, 30 years after the discovery, a test of one of the wells showed it still had a potential flow of 125,000 barrels of oil a day. And the man owned it all. The day he purchased the land, he had received all the oil and mineral rights. Yet, he had been living on relief.

A multimillionaire living in poverty for years and nearly lost the opportunity to enjoy the richness of his land.

The problem? He didn’t know the oil was there even though he owned it. He was not aware of the treasure that laid within his own property.