13 June 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

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13 June 2021 – Ellinwood Worship Guide

“Choosing The True Life-Giving King”

3rd Sunday After Pentecost
Freedom Sunday

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13
Mark 4:26-34

It is interesting to note that after David was anointed by Prophet Samuel, he was filled by the Holy Spirit. It was a private anointing showing God’s choice of David as future king of Israel. We should remember that David waited for many years before he became a king of Israel. God indeed has a way of preparing him for a bigger responsibility, and David did not fail the Lord in those waiting years. He remained faithful in doing a humble but noble work as a shepherd. He never put in his mind that he would be the king of Israel and never demanded to be treated well. In the same way, God has good works of service prepared for each of us, and like David, we may be at this point where He is preparing us for a bigger task or service. Maaaring ang ating simpleng paglilingkod ngayon ay paraan ng paghahanda ng Diyos sa atin sa higit na mapaghamong paglilingkod. Ang mahalaga, tayo ay handang sumunod at magtiwala sa Kanya. Let us bear in mind, when God calls us to serve, He also makes a way to equip us. We should not undermine the work God can do through us by His Spirit. But rather, let us always remember that no matter how simple our work of service may be, when we put it in God’s hands and trust in His power, that simple work of service will bless many people and will cause them to praise and thank the Lord. Like the mustard seed in today’s parable, its significance is not on its size, but on how it grows and blooms and benefits people. This is also a lesson that we need to learn as a church. When we look for leaders, we often seek those who possess certain characteristics that spell success and achievements. We look for people of influence, power, intelligence and means. God, however, looks for people of integrity and character. He wants people who are faithful and willing to obey God’s command. God is not after our achievement, but He is concerned with the condition of our heart.