4 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

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4 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

4 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

“The Source of Strength and Authority”
6th Sunday After Pentecost
Communion Sunday

2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10
Mark 6: 1-13

Five-year-old Billy asked a question to his Sunday School Class teacher, “By the way teacher, what has God been doing lately?”

If you were to answer little Billy’s question, how would you answer it? If the answer to that question will be determined by how much we allow God to do in our individual lives, some of us might reply, “Oh, He’s doing much!” But can we say it even in difficult situations? Often, it is easy to say we trust God, but when the going gets tough and rough, can we still recognize God doing such great things?

We see this truth demonstrated in Mark 6 when Jesus tried to do mighty things in His hometown. But because the people saw Him merely as a carpenter’s son and not as God’s Son, they missed out on a lot. Sayang! They could have had in their midst the answer to all their problems. They had the One who could heal every physical aliment in their town. Instead, the majority chose to reject Him. They limited Jesus. They didn’t bother walking closer to Jesus just even for a day. So near, yet they missed quite a lot about Jesus and what He can do to them.

And for all of us, today is a very good time to see ourselves in the light of where our strength comes from as we face our day to day situations. Can we recognize God in such situations?