11 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

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11 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

11 July 2021 – Sunday Worship Guide

“Caring for the Fields and Meadows”
7th Sunday After Pentecost
Rural Life Emphasis Sunday
Choir Sunday

Job 40:19-24
Luke 12:22-31

During my spare time, I came across a booklet which reminded me of one of our seminary teachers who, upon entering the classroom, asked us “Class, what is the first organization God allowed in His first built temple which up to this time in His kingdom is still well organized?” Oh, it took us quite some time to think knowing that our Old Testament teacher is very keen on answers which later will matter on your class performance. The youth organization? Nope, even if almost all whom God called were in their prime years. Women’s Association? Nope, even if Jesus barged into the tradition and recognized the women of His time. Men’s organization? Hmmm…nope, even if most of the leading characters in the Bible are all men. Sirit Sir? Aha, gotcha. The first temple servants were the musicians together with the choir. And even today, in His Kingdom, heaven is full of music and singing.

Today here at Ellinwood Malate Church is Choir Sunday. Praise God for you, choirs of Ellinwood Malate Church. You, who are active members today and you, who were once in the choir but prefer to sing it along with God in your own private moments. You are really blessed by God to have such talent to sing for Him and at the same time blend yourself with others to make up one choir for God and God alone. With all my heart, thank you choir!

There was a mixed band during the mid-70s named Asin who caught the attention of almost all the Filipino people when they rendered their piece about caring for nature. The words of their song goes like this (sana kakantahin ko but it would be better to say it so you can catch up and understand): “wala ka bang napapansin, sa iyong kapaligiran…” And I present the same question to all of us today, HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED?