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You have until 30 April 2021 to submit your story!

The story of UCCP Ellinwood-Malate Church is a compilation of accounts of how families who settled in the Greater Manila Area have made EMC its second home.

The pandemic has denied us the opportunity to gather as a corporate body to worship in our sanctuary. But it has not been able to deny us the opportunity to continue to worship as an “unassembled assembly.”

As we celebrate God’s faithfulness in EMC’s 113 years of ministry, the pandemic actually gives us the chance to sit and reflect upon God’s faithfulness throughout our journey with the EMC household of faith.

Instead of our usual church anniversary retreat, we need help to document your family’s journey of faith and how God brought you to EMC. If you recall the EMC L.E.N.S. (Lives, Events, News and Service), this is your family focusing the LENS with EMC as the frame and Jesus as the inspiration. So we need you to take out pen and paper (or keyboard) and tell us how EMC was used by God as you grew in faith through a narrative account.

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You have until 30 April 2021 to submit your story!